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{03/02/2014}   The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun

The beautiful setting sun creates a silhouette of the shore. Through my camera lens, I tried to capture this perfect painting like sight.


Lights Will Guide You Home

Diwali lights

Juhu Beach - Rainy Day

Juhu Beach

It’s indeed unbelievable how stunning Juhu beach can look if know how to trap it in your cam. On a beautiful evening, I took this picture and tried to capture a mirror image of the sky and the sands. Waited for that precise moment when there was nobody in the frame to spoil my picture perfect!

Juhu Beach - Sky

Juhu Beach - Clouds

On the contrary, this one portrays a typical crowded evening on the beach. But that’s not what I’m trying to emphasize on. Shift your focus to the gorgeous skies and the different shades of gray, yellow and blue that make it look like a work of art, certainly crafted by the one sitting up there 🙂

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