Picture Combat!

{03/02/2014}   The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun

The beautiful setting sun creates a silhouette of the shore. Through my camera lens, I tried to capture this perfect painting like sight.


Lights Will Guide You Home

Diwali lights

{10/05/2010}   Lizzy Makes Me Dizzzzyy

Ok so that sure is a giant Lizard we saw on our way to Theobroma. We were scared as well as amazed but I had to had to click it for my photoblog. It posed with pleasure when I asked it to, and that’s how I got this perfect picture! 🙂

{26/04/2010}   Frruusstrraaatttiioonn

Do I need to say anything? Quite self-explanatory eh? THEY CUT MY MUFFIN!

Ok, so I know why this chain is named Costa, ’cause honey, your visit is gonna cost ya’ a lot! And I’m not talking money but also the service… After repeated requests to not murder my muffin, they still CUT MY MUFFIN 😦 Arghh.. And since the poor thing was chopped into four, I decided to not click it and take a snap of my friends coffee mugs instead 🙂

PS: The coffee was cold and not strong enough, too bad! And oh ya, that’s the baby mug and the daddy mug in the picture! 🙂 yay!

{13/12/2009}   Inanimate Reptile

In the caves of Kanheri, this creepy shot amazed me as it looked like a giant lizard hiding under a rock mountain.

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