Picture Combat!

{02/01/2012}   The Farmhouse Effect!

Wild Flowers


I clicked this at a friends farmhouse in Karjat. Soaked in as much love as I could from mother nature before I came back to the city of expired PUCs and traffic jams!



{11/07/2011}   Wheels of Fortune

Wheels on the highway

On my way to Rishikesh, the cycle shop really caught my eye. Doesn’t it look like a shot straight out of the 18th century?


{16/06/2011}   En Route – Delhi

I’m lucky enough to always get the window seat in flights; yes, I’m one of those kids who gets excited on seeing clouds at an arm’s distance. This was on my recent ‘work’ trip to Delhi, right before landing. A pan view of the city, it looks gorgeous, or so I believe!

{30/01/2011}   Babies!


When I saw these babies, I just wanted to get them home! They were so cute and readily posing for the cam! Muuuuuuaaaaah! :-*

{30/01/2011}   Wall of Fame!

One of the days we decided to go for a meal to a Dhaba on the highway! We were kind of stranded while coming back and had to hitchhike it! While everyone else was trying to get a ride back I was busy capturing the beauty of the place where I got this shot! Stunning, isn’t it?

{24/01/2011}   Dumped!

While in Lonavala, I realized that a huge portion of the city is a dumping ground for vehicles! We found a couple of cars that were in a terrible state but definitely made a great subject for a shot! 😉


Clicked this outside my office when a really scary looking old man was pushing this half broken car. But I guess it’s a nice shot! 🙂

The Whooping Willow

The Whooping Willow

On my trip to Lonavala, on one of the random wandering sessions, we came across this extravagant society of row houses where unfortunately, we were not allowed to enter. 😦 But I somehow managed to capture this tree on my cam, it was huge and creepy but at the same time it looked beautiful!

{18/10/2010}   The Metrosexual Raavan






Yesterday was Dassera and while I was roaming around, in the city, I came across this very interesting sight; A Metrosexual Raavan. Yes, he is dressed in pink and was standing tall in Khar! Men in Mumbai might still think twice before wearing pink, but I say, this Raavan carries it off quite confidently 😛

{29/09/2010}   The Marine Scene

Marine Drive

Marine Drive

According to a friend of mine, the definition of a perfect evening is, sitting at marine drive with a book and a glass of chocolate milkshake from Baskins. And I couldn’t agree more.  Without much exaggeration I can say that Marine Drive is one such place in the city where you can spend a quiet evening all by yourself and take in some fresh air!

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