Picture Combat!

{02/01/2012}   Make Way for the Bay!

Cafe By The Beach

Brand new restaurant Cafe By The Beach, replaced Salt Water Grill in December 2011. The serene ambience and the gorgeous view will make you want to stay there forever! Sneak in a can of beer, and your day is made!


{26/04/2010}   Frruusstrraaatttiioonn

Do I need to say anything? Quite self-explanatory eh? THEY CUT MY MUFFIN!

Ok, so I know why this chain is named Costa, ’cause honey, your visit is gonna cost ya’ a lot! And I’m not talking money but also the service… After repeated requests to not murder my muffin, they still CUT MY MUFFIN 😦 Arghh.. And since the poor thing was chopped into four, I decided to not click it and take a snap of my friends coffee mugs instead 🙂

PS: The coffee was cold and not strong enough, too bad! And oh ya, that’s the baby mug and the daddy mug in the picture! 🙂 yay!

{13/12/2009}   Coffee anyone?

After finishing my coffee I zoomed into the description on the cup. The entire story of how coffee was discovered is written on it. I bought this cup from Cafe Coffee Day long time back.

et cetera